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ULTIMUS Bottle Top Dispenser with Dual Inlet Technology 0.25-2.5 ml

Technical Specifications - • Volume Range: 0.25-2.5 ml • Increment-0.05 ml • Accuracy: ± 0.6% • CV: ± 0.2%
Manufacturer: MICROLIT
Product Code: ULT-2.5
GST: 18.00 %
Packaging: 0.25-2.5 ml
UOM: Nos
₹ 20,450.00

MICROLIT ULTIMUS is a Bottle Top Dispenser (BTD) that offers a sophisticated blend of features and functionality. Built by our in-house team of product design engineers, it uses Dual Inlet™, an award- winning technology patented in India, the EU and the US.

It offers 4 liquid handling modes – rinsing, dilution, refilling & purging without dismounting the dispenser.

MICROLIT ULTIMUS also features two product innovations: EasyKnob™ and FlexiNozzle™ that enhance its ease of use and flexibility.

Designed with ergonomics and intuitive handling in mind, it exhibits excellent chemical compatibility and helps in achieving precision with reliability in practical laboratory environments.


  • Change Volume with EasyKnob™EasyKnob™ is a specially designed volume adjustment knob that allows 180° rotation for easy and effortless volume setting.
  • Move Effortlessly with a PTFE PistonThe instrument is equipped with a PTFE Piston with an ETP O-Ring. It facilitates smooth and effortless movement and ensures high chemical compatibility.
  • Forget Dismounting with Dual Inlet™Dual Inlet™, an award winning patented technology enables 4 liquid handling modes without dismounting the dispenser.
  • Dispense Easily with FlexiNozzle™ MICROLIT ULTIMUS comes with FlexiNozzle™ –an adjustable delivery nozzle. It offers a high degree of flexibility, facilitating easy dispensing in demanding laboratory conditions.
  • Work Flexibly with a 360° Adapter A specially designed Adapter allows 360° rotation, facilitating complete work flexibility.
  • Assured Quality with ISO 8655 Conformed Calibration MICROLIT ULTIMUS is calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory according to ISO 8655 standards. A calibration certificate is included inside the product package. A calibration tool is also included for quick in-lab recalibration.
  • Work with a Comprehensive Volume Range MICROLIT ULTIMUS is available in six unique volume ranges.

*Refer the table in technical specifications.

  • Autoclaving ParametersMICROLIT ULTIMUS is fully autoclavable at 121°C and 15 psi for a duration of 10-15 minutes.
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