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About us

Established in 1977, we are one of the leading suppliers of laboratory products, to various Universities, College, R & D labs, Industries etc. It has always been our endeavor to have customer's convenience in mind which constantly compels us to modify and improve upon our products continuously so that they have better acceptance by the end user. Slowly and steadily we gained confidence of our customers to the extent that our product specifications are being adapted for laying down tender specifications for purchase of laboratory equipment by major universities, institutes, college etc.

A full fledged dedication and consistent effort accompanied by the blessing of elders guided Mr. Dinesh Kothari to establish The Chemical Center which with the passage of time made a mark in the scientific journey of his life and to top of all he worked passionately hard, single handedly and his own son Mr.Kritik Kothari has accompanied him to and fulfill his dream. Our strong foothold in scientific industry is due to the provision and efficiency that is achieved painstakingly at our extremely modern laboratory products.

Our Product Lines Include:

Supplies: Bottles, Filter and Lens Paper, Glass and Plasticware, Microscope Slides and Cover Glass, Petri Dishes, Tubes, Tips, Vials, Wash Bottles and More.

Equipment: Baths, Block Heaters, Centrifuges, Hotplate Stirrers, Incubators, Ovens, Pumps, Shakers, Tissue Grinders, and More.

Instruments: Balances, Clocks, Hydrometers, Hygrometers, Microscopes, Ph Meters, Stopwatches, Thermometers, and More.

Chemicals Buffers, Cleaning Products, Desiccants, Reagents, and More.


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