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Overhead Stirrers (Digital) MSD-0420

Intelligent speed controller enables reproducible results under varying viscosity condition. Compact and slim head design for diverse flexibility in configuring other test equipment and accessories
Manufacturer: Jeio Tech
Product Code: AAH373225K
GST: 18.00 %
HSN Code: 9027
Packaging: NOS
₹ 75,500.00

Performance & Convenience

  • Years of vibration-free and silent operation.
    - Equipped with a maintenance-free BLDC motor to generate smooth, quiet, and yet powerful stirring.
  • Powerful torque capable of handling high viscosity tasks.
  • Maintenance of constant motor speed by PID feedback control system even under conditions of changing viscosity.
  • Best effort function intelligently manages its stirring speed to keep stirring even workload is out of its capacity.
  • Prevention of accidental spills or splashes thanks to microprocessor controlled smooth start and stop functions.
  • Well illuminated digital display panel with sensitive touch buttons.
    - Set/present rpm, power ratio (%) and run time are visible together on one screen.
  • Stirring directions are selectable depending on each impeller’s shape.
  • Built-in USB port for external control and data collection.
    - Lab Companion software and USB cable are provided.
  • Compact and slim head design for diverse flexibility in configuring other test equipment and accessories. (optional)


  • Sturdy aluminum main body efficiently absorbing and emitting the heat generated by the motor.
  • Safety features against overload and overheating for continuous operation.
  • Keypad lock function prevents accidental changes.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Accessories & Options


Cat. No.Description
AAA37501 Dial stand (W×D×H, 400×400×700 / 15.75×15.75×27.56˝)
AAA37502 Basic stand 1 (W×D×H, 400×400×700 / 15.75×15.75×27.56˝)
AAA37503 Basic stand 2 (W×D×H, 300×400×700 / 11.81×15.75×27.56˝)
AAA37504 Basic stand 3 (W×D×H, 250×350×700 / 9.84×13.78×27.56˝)
MSS0051 Support Rod, M14 (Ø15x500mm / Ø0.59x19.68˝)
MSS0052 Support Rod, M14 (Ø18x500mm / Ø0.71x19.68˝)
MSS0053 Support Rod, M14 (Ø20x500mm / Ø0.79x19.68˝)



Stands / Support rods

Dial stand / Basic stand 1
with two optional support rods

Basic stand 2 / Basic stand 3



Speed control PID feedback control
Speed range (rpm) 80 to 2,000
Chuck range (mm / inch, dia) 3 to 10 / 0.1 to 0.4
Stirring capacity, Max. (L, H2O) 20
Viscosity, Max. (cP) 1) 5,000 (~2,000rpm) / 10,000 (~1,200rpm) / 30,000 (~300rpm) / 50,000 (~200rpm)
Torque, Max. (N·cm) 19
Motor rating input / output (W) 70 / 40
Material Body / Cover / Motor Powder coated aluminum / Polypropylene / BLDC
Dimension Overall (W×D×H) (mm / inch) 75x215x150 / 2.9x8.5x5.9
Net weight (Kg / lbs) 2.8 / 6.2
Protection class (DIN EN 60529) IP30
Electrical requirements (230V 50/60Hz) 0.5A
Cat. No. AAH373225K
Electrical requirements (120V 60Hz) 0.5A
Cat. No. AAH373225U
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