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Conical Flask with Screw Cap 250 ml

Conical Flask with Screw Cap 250 ml
Product Code: 441160
HSN Code: 39269099
Packaging: Pack of 6
₹ 4,620.00

Tarsons Flasks are a safer alternative to glass.
They won’t break,chip or shatter amid the bustle
and bumps of everyday lab work. Enjoy their light
weight and ease of handling. Trust Tarsons Flasks
to be made from the highest quality laboratory-grade
polypropylene, polycarbonate (PC) materials for
dependably low extractables across a wide variety
of lab applications.Choose polypropylene for its low
cost and good chemical compatibility with a wide range
of lab chemicals. Get very good chemical resistance and
clarity, too. Or, choose polycarbonate for its window-like
clarity making it an ideal culture flask.Screw cap flasks
are leakproof.

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