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Burettes Automatic Zero 10 ml

Automatic Zero, Accuracy as per Class A of IS 1997:2008/EN ISO 385, with Reservoir, Rubber Bellow, Glass Stopcock, With Certificate
Manufacturer: Borosil
Product Code: 2149006
GST: 18.00 %
HSN Code: 70179010
Packaging: NOS
₹ 9,625.00

Complies with IS 1997, EN ISO 385 With automatic zero facility
Individually tested for exact volume dispensed at 3 points on the scale
Alpha numeric serial number on the article and certificate provide complete traceability

Simple operation
- To fill Burette apply a slight positive pressure to lower side arm
- To set zero, release pressure to allow excess liquid to siphon back into the bottle

Burettes manufactured from chemically resistant 3.3 borosilicate glass White enamel graduations With Glass stopcock

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