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Liebig Condenser with Interchangeable Inner and Outer Joint - 400 mm

Liebig Condenser with Drip Tip, Interchangeable Inner and Outer Joint.
Manufacturer: Borosil
Product Code: 2400092
GST: 18.00 %
HSN Code: 70179090
Packaging: 400 mm
UOM: Nos.
Delivery date: Within 15 Days
₹ 615.00

These condensers are made of simple design. The light wall of the inner tube facilitates efficient heat transfer. It has low cooling capacity. It is used for distillate separation.


  • Approx. Jacket Length- 400 mm
  • Approx. Overall Height- 550 mm
  • Ground Joint Socket: 24/29
  • Ground Joint Cone: 24/29