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µ Controller Based Flame Photometer with Compressor

Flame Photometer has controlled automation for ease of operation. It determines up to four elements with single aspiration (Na, K, Li, and Ca).
Manufacturer: Systronics
Product Code: 128
GST: 18.00 %
HSN Code: 90275010
Packaging: 1 Piece
UOM: Nos
Delivery date: Within 15 Days
₹ 55,000.00

This Flame Photometer is a micro-controller based instrument designed to provide automation in operation, measurements and end-result presentation. It does the estimation of Sodium(Na), Potassium(K), Lithium(Li), and Calcium(Ca) in single aspiration of a sample. For user's convenience, the instrument offers two measuring modes : (i) Low Concentration and (ii) High Concentration. There is facility of curve fitting correction for non-linear emission characteristics of element, at higher concentration, store (save) setup for frequently used, measurement and the same can be recalled whenever required with a press of a buton. Also re-standardization using single standard to minimize the effect of any unforseen drift without going for the full recalibration. 4 Line 20-character LCD readout provides easy user interface & presentation of results.

Salient Features:


  • Microcontroller controlled automation for ease of operation.
  • Determination up to four elements with single aspiration (Na, K, Li, and Ca).
  • Facility for restandardisation with single standard available.
  • 20-character, 4-line LCD readout.
  • Built-in real-time clock for date and time of analysis.
  • Printout facility for individual sample, batch samples in the memory  (700 max).




Model 128

Interference Filters

Na & K Standards, Ca & Li Optional


Low Conc. : ±1% f.s.,High Conc. : ±2% f.s.

Minimum Sample

3 ml / element (Approx)

Averaging Time

2 to 15 seconds

Operating Air Pressure

0.45 kg/cm2

Air Compressor

With built-in air regulator and air filter to deliver stable and moisture / oil free air supply with Pressure of 1 kg/cm2

Fuel Gas

LPG supplied by end user

Printer Port

Epson compatible 80 Column D.M. Printer

RS-232 Port

PC Link data transfer


Storage of 700 results


230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz


415(W) x 255(D) x 305(H) mm (Main Unit)

255(W) x 210(D) x 205(H) mm (Compressor)


Main Unit 6.5 kg + Compressor 6 kg


Gas Lighter, Air & Gas Tube